About us
— is one of the largest agencies in Eastern Europe in number of athletes served.
It was the first sports agency, which combined two objectives: to increase profits from non-sporting activities and manage athletes’ tangible and intangible assets.
Our Mission
— Creating a unique comprehensive system
for helping each athlete to manage his/her tangible and intangible assets, to increase an athlete’s earnings and to do everything to reach one strategic goal – to build up an athlete’s brand and develop it throughout the athlete’s whole life regardless of the sports career length.

Pavel Andreev
One of the most famous and powerful Russian football agents, who represents interests of the leading Russian football players for more than 20 years. Among the clients of P.Andreev are Igor Denisov, Vladimir Bystrov, Alexander Anyukov, Dmitry and Kirill Kombarov, Dmitry Sychev, Anton Shunin.
Maxim Pogorelov

General Director of the Agency

Previously Head of Executive office of the President of the Football Union of Russia, Legal director of the Football Union of Russia, “National Media Group” Deputy general director, “Gazprom transgaz Saint-Petersburg” Deputy general director, Legal director for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Saint-Petersburg, Head of “100 TV” channel (Saint-Petersburg)
The way we work
Synergy: Sport + Business
We are professionals who have experience of working in sports industry for more than 20 years and successful in different business fields. We know how to build a long-term strategy for a sportsman’s life. Our goal is to be a bridge between an athlete and major companies, interested in cooperation.
Effective division of labor
Our goal is to build a unique system in order to give to athletes’ maximum time for sports achievements and a team of responsible professionals will deal with the rest. We cannot help an athlete directly to win the golden medal but we know how he could earn more and how to invest the earned money effectively.
Strategic development.
Our target is to build a company, which will change every sportsman’s life, that is why long-term goals are our priority over short-term interest.Almost every month we are aware of deceivers who abuse sportsmen confidence. These people do not care about their name and their future, they are just interested in getting money here and now. We differ. We cannot afford mistakes. We carefully choose our partners and personally guide our sportsmen’s projects.
Partnership with the Best companies
We work with all sportsmen, both star athletes and entry-level athletes, but we choose only the best partners - best brands, best companies providing our clients with the best services, best prices, terms and conditions.
We work with sportsmen and only with sportsmen. This is our way and we know what we are doing.